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Environmental Certification – Protecting Our Land and Our Livelihood

Environmental CertificationFamilyFarms Group recognizes and embraces our responsibility to protect our land, water, and wildlife, and to preserve these resources for future generations. At FamilyFarms Group, environmental stewardship means not only conserving the resources we now have, but also improving them – leaving our land in better condition than it was when we began farming. It is our goal to minimize our environmental footprint.

We offer all our producers the opportunity to participate in an environmental certification program, complete with annual audits conducted by an independent third party. The goal of our environmental certification program is to encourage good stewardship and improve the quality of the land for many generations to come. By protecting our land, we are also protecting our livelihood.

Everyone Benefits from Environmental Stewardship

Virtually everyone benefits from our commitment to environmental certification. Not only does our environmental certification program ensure that our producers are working to conserve our resources, but it also brings attention to the need for environmental stewardship in all areas of life, not just farming.

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Benefits to the Public

  • Preservation of natural resources
  • Increased food safety
  • Improved water and air quality
  • Energy conservation
  • Wildlife habitat preservation

Benefits to Landowners

  • Reduced erosion
  • Peace of mind in knowing that a certified tenant is caring for their farm
  • Improved land value
  • Potential to reduce insurance costs
  • Reduced liability exposure through reduced chemical run-off

Benefits to Crop Buyers

  • Improved position in the public and with environmental groups
  • Market differentiation
  • Potential for higher margins
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Reduced liability exposure through enhanced food source security

Benefits to the Agricultural Industry

  • Improves the image of all producers
  • Positions producers as those setting standards for the industry

Caring for Our Environment, Our Food, and Our People

Not only do we strive to promote environmental conservation among FarmilyFarms Group members through environmental certification but we also work to encourage proper food safety processes. Our agriculture certification program focuses on two main areas.

Environmental Certification > The environmental certification process involves an annual environmental audit conducted by an independent third party to examine erosion issues, soil and water quality, and wildlife and conservation practices. The agricultural practices certification audits help producers focus their efforts on the conservation systems most needed on their farms. Based on the findings, recommendations are made for improvement, and an action plan is implemented to correct or improve conservation procedures. We then conduct follow-up audits to make sure the action plan is being properly executed.

On-Farm Security > FamilyFarms Group is committed to meeting food safety and on-farm security concerns in the production, storage, and transportation of food products. We strive to serve as an example to other agriculture producers in educating consumers of all ages and professions – from schoolchildren to elected officials – on modern-day agriculture. Through our farm certification process, we want to show others how we are fulfilling our responsibility to ensure food security and safety as we help to meet the world’s growing agriculture needs.

Join us in our commitment to leaving our land in better condition than it was when we began farming. FamilyFarms Group wants to help you build a better legacy – today and for many generations to come. Learn more about becoming a FamilyFarms Group member and how you can participate in our environmental certification program.

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