FamilyFarms Group solutions deliver peace of mind

One reliable, comprehensive solution to fit all your family farm needs

To be successful, your family farm needs to operate in an effective manner, with hundreds of parts working together smoothly and consistently. If just one part of your operation malfunctions during your peak season, your yields and financial health will suffer.

At FamilyFarms Group, we are committed to helping family farms across the nation. Our solutions are specifically tailored to help family agriculture producers succeed throughout the year as well as the coming years ahead. We work with each producer to tailor individualized strategies to ensure effective implemention for success today, tomorrow and for the years to come.

Learn all about the solutions you can count on to help keep your family farm legacy alive.


Providing you with the additional skills necessary to give you a competitive edge and help drive your business forward.

Education opportunities within FamilyFarms Group includes:

  • Dozens of educational courses offered in both webinar and classroom formats
  • 2 conferences per year with industry experts and other producers
  • Advanced training for General Managers, Operations Managers, Business Leadership
  • Peer group training for Young Farmers, Dads, Farm Financial Specialists, and Growing Farms
  • Conference call training on specific topics (crop sales, HR, business development)


Make sure you’re using an organized and goal-oriented management structure so that your farm can run efficiently based on where you want it to go, instead of based on its status right now.

FamilyFarms Group will help you:

  • Organize under the most fitting entity structure for your farm.
  • Assemble an action plan to achieve your goals and actually help you implement that plan
  • Benchmark your operation with others to identify improvement potential
  • Refine human resources efforts so you can hire and retain more reliable employees.
  • Improve crop sales management by developing a marketing plan tailored to your business objectives.
  • Train the key positions of your operation


FamilyFarms Group will help provide the tools your business needs to keep it operating properly.

  • Efficiency involves replacing wasteful functions and processes with new, more efficient ones. This may include adapting new standard operating principles, training your team and enacting new protocols.
  • Technology solutions include work order system, inventory control system, data back-up, CRM (customer relationship management) system, and GPS/GIS data analysis & standards, chemical/fertilizer prescription system.

We’ll help you access and master them all, so your business will have competitive advantages not available outside the group.



Healthy finances remain imperative to your farm’s survival and success.

Whether invoice processing, cost analysisaccounting practices or inventory management, FamilyFarms Group will help you streamline and improve problem areas related to your farm’s finances.

You’ll get access to our established tolerance levels for various metrics while we help you monitor them.  And while fully audited financial statements seem rare in agriculture, we are helping producers do it on a regular basis to keep their finances finely tuned and secure the loans they need.


Group Leverage

A collective group operating as a 500,000+-acre farm can develop relationships, leverage and economic benefits that individual farm operations never could.

We are dedicated to helping family-owned farms lower costs and increase revenues. As a member, you will have access to:

  • Grants: With 13 different grants you might qualify for, we’ll help you identify options and write the applications.
  • Crop contracts:  Crop contracts that can lead to private supply agreements with end-users and inclusion in an elite group of sellers.
  • Vendor relationships: Relationships with established partners offering rates based on our acreage as a group.


Consistently deemed one of the most powerful benefits, FamilyFarms Group is a peer group of producers with shared values and goals.

Members share operational processes, best practices, and even financials to continually help each other make improvements. Since members are not from the same area, there is no risk of divulging info to your competition.

Since members are not from the same area, there is no risk of divulging info to your competition.

FamilyFarm Group members build relationships with other operators based on trust and camaraderie, and often the relationships become personal friendships.



Simply put, your farm grows as you add acres. Find the plans, training and even templates you need for healthy acre retention and growth.

Learn how to run separate site locations and manage multiple landowners more effectively.  In fact, before joining FamilyFarms Group, members grew an average of just 464 acres per year. Since joining FamilyFarms Group, members are growing an average of 1,149 acres per year.

It’s not about growing quickly. It’s about growing at a pace you can manage effectively and remain profitable. We’ll help you create the plan, and keep you on track.


A comprehensive system that provides sustainable growth.

By partnering with FamilyFarms Group, you are investing in a system that’s both strategic and innovative, while stocking your shelves with endless resources to keep your family farm running smoothly.

It’s a collaborative solution that paves the way for greater sustainability, success and peace of mind – for generations to come.