Free Family Farm & Agriculture Resources

Row Crop Consolidation Ebook

How Row Crop Consolidation Could Impact your Farm

Learn how to keep keep your family legacy alive and turn the threat of consolidation into an opportunity for your operation.

Financial Ratio Workbook

How To Effectively Calculate Financial Measures & Ratios

Learn the key performance indicators you need to help calculate and measure your business’ health. In addition, gain access to definitions, formulas and more!

Farm Employee Management

How To Measure Employee Performance

Learn about best practices for evaluating your employees’ performance with this free download. Be sure to equip management with the proper evaluation form that provides a clear set of goals and expectations.

How To Navigate Flex Leasing

A fairer, more flexible lease agreement for growers and landowners to reduce uncertainty, mitigate risk, and increase profitability in land rent agreements. Learn more how you can benefit from flexible leasing agreements with our free eBook.