Landowner Retention and Acreage Growth

Get better before getting bigger

Farm Land ServicesSome farms want to grow, others just want to get better with the acres they currently farm.  Either way, FamilyFarms Group can help.  The FamilyFarms Group system improves your management skills, processes, control systems, organization, and has the implementation expertise that together provide the steady foundation for growth and the means to improve upon what you already farm.

At FamilyFarms Group, we believe operations should get better before they get bigger.

As a Member, you can be whatever size you want but still have all the benefits of a 600,000+ acre consortium of which Members are a part.


The tools you need for acre retention and growth

Keeping the Land You Already Farm

Keeping Your Land

Intentional customer service is needed first

Before adding acres, producers need to have a planned landowner relations program first – if acres are added but not retained, then what’s the point? FamilyFarms Group has a multitude of ways to help you including:

  • The only CRM system that is completely customized for farms to help you better serve your landowners and manage your leases (CRM = Customer Relationship Management system and is a software application)
  • Structured 17-point Landowner Relations program & training class
  • Repository of “best practice” items that other operations have used that members have full access to
  • Implementation assistance to tailor a plan for you and your farm and put it into place

FamilyFarms Group is committed to helping you make sure your landowner’s expectations are exceeded, that they feel valued, and hence stay with you for decades to come.

Growing Your Acreage

Growing Your Acreage

Responsible growth is the key

Before growing, you have to prepare for growth. That means not only the foundation of processes and organization mentioned above, but also financially. Any growth needs to be profitable and remain within what your working capital can handle – it can’t be growth for the sake of growth. We’ll help you check/monitor your finances to be sure that growth opportunities make financial sense.

The only operations we work with are mid- to large-sized producers so we understand that acreage growth topics are different for every operation. Our goal is to create a growth plan that is completely tailored to your local area, family and farm.

When you are ready and wanting to grow, you’ll receive assistance in:

  • Assembling a growth plan for your operation
  • Training for growth opportunities with
    • Retiring producers
    • Individual landowners
    • Farm management companies
    • Distressed producers
    • Partnering with another producer
    • Investors
    • Purchasing of land
  • Network of investors that can purchase land for you to farm
  • CRM system to keep you organized with your growth efforts.
  • Assistance with needed marketing materials

Retention and growth move your bottom line – FamilyFarms Group can help you move it faster and better.