Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Farm Networking ServicesThere are other peer groups, but not like this

When you join FamilyFarms Group, you become a Member of a peer group with other progressive family farm operations with the same types of goals and challenges. Not only are all Members mid-large size row crop family farms, but we intentionally leave some space between them – Members are not competitors. Hence, there’s comfort in sharing as much as possible in order to help yourselves and help one another.

What makes FamilyFarms Group so much better for you than other groups? No one else combines these core benefits:

  • Assistance in implementing the ideas you hear and learn. If you don’t actually apply what you learn, then, so what? We’ll help you put into practice new ideas and concepts
  • The group is member-owned – our focus is on operator success
  • Long-term focus with goal to provide opportunities for your next generation to continue farming
  • Members are independent, but work together to reduce costs and enhance revenues – it’s beyond just sharing information.
  • Your competitors are not included
  • Only medium & large family-owned row crop operations

Together, these will help you increase efficiency, improve your farm management, and increase farm profitability.


Farm networking opportunities that give you invaluable peer benefits

Ag Peer Group Support

Many ways to derive ideas, support, and even friendships

Ag Peer Group SupportIt’s natural to get caught up in your own comfort zone…even if it’s not that comfortable. Sheer will power can get you through a lot. But surround yourself with a network of producers with similar goals and you feel that there is not a challenge you can’t handle.

FamilyFarms Group peers will:

  • Share best practices to continually make improvements
  • Share operational processes
  • Compare financials as a means to learn and benchmark
  • Exchange/share vendor & supplier resources
  • Assist others in field operations if/when needed
  • Attend conferences and training sessions together
  • Advanced trainings includes critiquing each other’s operations for refinement

Whether you’re looking for them or not, your peers often become trusted personal friends as well.

Invaluable Ag Networking with Peers

Sharing with similar operations is one of the largest benefits you’ll receive with FamilyFarms Group.

We’re excited to offer ag networking solutions that benefit a wide range of row crop producers.

Networking PeersWith our vast client base, there is always someone who will relate to your operation and is willing to help you succeed.

Members range in size from 3,000 acres to over 30,000 acres spread across North America, so even if you are one of the most successful producers in your local area, there are still plenty of best practices to gain from (and share with) the other members of the group.

This collaboration with other row crop producers is consistently deemed one of the biggest benefits by FamilyFarms Group members.